Last few days…

During the last few days I was quite busy and went to see my boyfriend, it was Valentines day which i spend with my girls and just today I have finally met up with one of my best friends again. It was a really nice week and I just wanted to blog some pictures of my birthday and my Valentines Dinner on here which I have meant to put on. Not so much about fashion this time, but you can see what I did.

On Valentines day my friend Vassia, who has also got a fashion/beauty blog: cooked for us girls a little meal and it was such a nice evening, which we ended with another episode of ‘sex and the city’.

I will be blogging a bit more about clothes and fashion once London fashion week has started and you will be able to see what I’m wearing everyday. So keep reading my blog, and you never know who I will meet at LFW;) x