Interview with Imogen Newton

Imogen Newton, one of the most wanted British models at the moment has just celebrated her eighteenth birthday. Her career as a model started as a surprise about three years ago. In 2009 she was in London with her family where she spontaneously was asked if she would be interested in modeling. “I was approached when I was, actually quite embarrassing, at Sister Act Musical. Rea from my agency asked if I would be interested in doing it. So then I send in some pictures and they called back, and then it kind of went from there.” From then on everything developed really quickly, she got signed at Viva models and got one job after the other.

After Imogen had just turned sixteen she got a job at Vogue Paris in June/July 2010 where she modeled next to other well known models such as Barbara Palvin and Hannah Holman. “One of the coolest things I did was the shoot for Vogue Paris, that was really good. And that was in London with quite new designers.” Shortly after that, Imogen became the new face for the Topshop campaign and was displayed all over Britain. “That was a really cool shoot, I had so much fun. When the pictures did come up it was actually quite embarrassing. I actually did avoid Topshop for a little while.”

Apart from that Imogen modeled for various other jobs, such as: Arena Homme+, Amica, Intermission Magazine, British Vogue, L’Officiel, Wonderland Magazine and Jalouse.

Imogen emphasizes how much she enjoys working with all these individual and inspirational people of the fashion industry. However, Erdem seems to be one of her big favorites. Not only does she like his designs and clothes but also working with him is much fun for her. Through Erdem, Imogen got to meet Anna Wintour. “Erdem was doing like a run off show to Anna Wintour for Vogue and it was just me and him. That was amazing. It was very cool”

Apart from working with Erdem, Imogen says that one of her best experiences was to work with Karl Lagerfeld at the Chanel Show. “I was kind of walking around in shock. The set up of his shows are so over the top amazing.”
On all these shows and shoots Imogen gets to know many other models, who are trying to make their way up in the industry. One girl she really believes has got an amazing talent and look is Natalia Vodianova, who also works for Viva models. “She is great and very beautiful. Models who are really versatile can do like everything.”

Working in the fashion industry has never changed Imogen’s personality. She is a very down to earth and friendly person. Throughout the interview it becomes clear how family orientated she is and how much she cares about her friends and family members. Instead of going out in town for her eighteens birthday she decided to go for a relaxed meal with family and friends. “I just, very low key, had a dinner with my friends and I had brunch with my parents during the day.” Because Imogen has started modeling at a young age, her Mum and Dad have been travelling to the various jobs with her. However, now she is eighteen she has decided to become a little more independent. The first step to that is that she will be travelling to New York without her parents to work at the Fashion Week.

At the moment however, Imogen has decided to slow down her model career and concentrate more on her A-Levels and to see her friends in London, where she grew up and lives. Since Imogen was fifteen she had to find the right balance between doing her school work, having a social life and working as a model. “Its always nice to come back to school after working, doing a shoot and just chill out with my friends.” Her Mum was a great support in this time for her and still is, as she has been managing a lot of her time and has made sure she keeps up with things in school. “My Mum always keeps me in check.”

Other people that Imogen says herself are very important in her life are the bookers at her agency. “My bookers at my agency are actually really cool. They really look after me and they are just really lovely people.”
Imogen Newton believes herself, that a model should dress rather simple. “I think models are asked to look like a blank canvas. I think I toned down what I wear.”

Her own style is just like this. She is very minimalistic and natural. By wearing skinny jeans with brown boots and a baggy top, she very much has the special ‘model look’. Some of her favorite shops are Celine, Erdem and Hermes. Imogen believes that all girls should just live a healthy lifestyle and look after themselves. She does highlight that a wider range of sizes on the catwalk would be a nice change and good for the industry “I think girls should always be healthy, that is the most important thing. Personally I am not a person that looks at the size. (…) I think it would be nice to have like a wider spectrum of sizes”

Imogen is that type of girl that doesn’t want to plan things too ahead of time. She did however already decide to finish her A-Levels and then to concentrate afterwards on modeling for a year. She has been planning to take a gap year, where she wants to try and give the whole modeling career a real chance. “Next year I’m gonna take a year out and do it properly for a year, and just really give it a shot. And I guess we see how it goes.”

Her plan however is, that she will be going to University after that year to try and finish education. Imogen is a very creative person and really is into art and design but also into literature, therefore she is thinking about studying English literature at University, as she knows that at some point there will be an end to the model career.

Apart from the whole model business and managing school at the same time, Imogen likes to keep herself busy. She keeps herself fit and healthy by going for long distance runs and playing tennis. “At the moment I am studying for my exams, I am pretty boring to be honest. But I have got into running recently. (…) I am trying to get back into tennis so I thrash my family this summer when we go on holiday.”

If you ask Imogen to describe herself she has to laugh. “All my friends laugh at me sometimes and say I am really pessimistic. I try to be optimistic (…) but I always think of like the worst things to happen.“ She also says that she sometimes can be a bit shy but she is always friendly and opened to other people. “I am not massively outgoing, I am pretty reserved. And a little bit shy maybe.“