Finally back on the blogging



Hello everyone,

I am so sorry I haven’t blogged in such a long time. I was super busy with interning and sorting so many things out that I completely lost track of my Blog.

But here I am, back on my Mac to blog for all of you. I do have to say, that I will be making one big change here on my blog. I have decided to make it much more about my general everyday life rather than just concentrating on fashion. At times I feel a bit like I haven’t got enough interesting stuff for you to say just about the fashion world, so I want to make this blog more personal.

Obviously there will still be a lot of fashion and outfit posts on here, because that’s what I do most of the time. But while I am not in Uni, studying for my fashion journalism degree or desperately trying to improve my own style, I do a lot of great other stuff that I really want to share with you all.
So, this blog will definitely become a lot more personal and will have more writing to it than before. And I promise you all that I will honestly try my best to blog a lot more from now on (I know I have probably said this before on here, but I really mean it).So here is a short description of what other things I will be including on my blog from now on…

I will let you all know about all the great beauty products I own, how to use them and what my daily beauty routines are. (I do have to admit that I mainly have so many great beauty products now, because I got sooo much stuff while I interned for InStyle magazine. But more about this later)
I will write much more about how my career is going, what I have done so far to get where I am and what other great plans I have made for the future.

I will let you all know about places I travel to, and all the things I’m doing whilst away. (For example, I am going to Chile for 3 weeks in September, so excited)
But I will also let you know a lot more about my everyday life, make this blog a little more into a diary by writing about my relationship to my friends and my boyfriend and just let you know all the things that are happening…

So this is the first blog in a long time and I hope you will all like the changes. Please do let me know with a little comment what you think about all this, and I hope you still all love to follow my blog and didn’t forget about me while I was so busy.