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Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a great day. So, as some of you might know or have read in my previous post, I have just finished an internship at InStyle magazine in London. And I thought now it’s all done, it’s a good time to let you all know about my experience. I think I will spread all the information out on a few blog posts, because there really is quite a lot of great stuff to tell you!

So, for today I just wanted to give you an overview of my experience there and tell about all the different things I had to do in the fashion cupboard.
I started my intern on the 2nd of April and was very very excited (as anyone would probably be). The InStyle office is in a massive building in South London, which was quite good to get to for me in the mornings, as I live quite close to there.
All the people there, and this is with all honesty, are super friendly! We were all together 4 interns working in the fashion cupboard and all of us got on quite well. Some had already been there a bit longer, so they were able to tell me all the details about how things work in the office.

The main jobs I did was returns, were you send all the clothes from shoots back to the companies. Trust me, there were so many nice clothes; I was like in heaven haha. Then now and again, we had to call up some PR companies to get in some clothes for upcoming shoots, create some mood or inspiration boards and help with the fashion and beauty sale (which I will tell you all about in a later blog post, because it was just so nice).
I occasionally had to go and get lunch for the fashion team, but that was quite okay because it didn’t happen every day and the building is literally next to all the shops.
The last thing I just wanted to let you know about InStyle for today is that I would really recommend to anyone interested to work in fashion to apply there, because the team over there is great and it is a good place to have your first magazine internship. I did do some other internships before for example with a  stylist or a fashion jewelry designer, but this really was the best internship so far and also lasted for a good time… it was 4 weeks long, which definitely was enough time to see how things work over there and to make a few contacts. So, I hope this might be helpful to some of you, and I will definitely blog about InStyle very soon again to tell you a bit more details.

Have a great evening everyone.