25 Facts About Me


Hey everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your Friday. I actually had my last day at Uni today for this year and now can’t wait for all the plans I have for my summer holidays. Even though the weather is not putting me in a summer mood at the moment.
So for today I thought I should do a bit of a different blog post.
I have recently been watching a lot of YouTube Beauty Blogs and have to admit that I got very addicted to them! Lots of these YouTuber’s have made Videos called ’25 Facts About Me’. Which I thought would be a great idea for me to do on my blog.
I had my blog for quite a while now but never really felt like I gave much away from me. So here are 25 Facts about me that some of you might already know or not know. Let me know what you think with a little comment below.

1.I am 20 years old

2.I am half German and half Italian

3.I moved to England when I was 16, however my family all still lives in Germany

4.I have an older brother and a younger sister, who are one of the most important people in my life

5.I have a massive fear of spiders, wasps and any other insect really

6.I never drink enough water

7.In September this year, my boyfriend and me will be going out for 3 years

8.I’m addicted to organization. Literally everything has to be organised and planned

9. I write To-Do lists all the time. For anything

10. I used to go to a boarding school in Scarborough

11. I have to paint my fingernails, so I don’t start biting them again

12. I really hate my own style and always, always want to change my whole wardrobe

13. My back clicks all the time

14. I am currently sitting in my University library, even though my summer holidays have just started

Photo on 22-02-2013 at 11.50


15. I am starting an internship at Stella magazine on Monday

16. When I am back home in Germany, I always work in my Dad’s steel company… not the office, the actual factory

17. I mostly like my eyebrows about my face (is that weird?)

18. I never wear jewelry, even though I own way too much of it

19. My boyfriend actually is my first ever boyfriend and also was my first ever date

20. I will be starting to make a much bigger effort with my hair, make up and nails

21.  I own way too many heels, that I actually never wear (they are just so pretty though)

22. When I had to decide to which school in England I would go to, I made the decision based on which school looked the most like Hogwarts (looking back at it now it doesn’t really look like it anymore haha)

23. I love all films with Cameron Diaz, but my absolute all time favorite film is ‘The Holidays’

24. The only every favorite song I had and still have is Mr.Brightside from the Killers

25. I am completely afraid of the dark and always have to sleep with a light on

I hope you enjoyed reading this and hope you all have a great weekend!