InStyle: Take Two




Hello everyone,

As I promised in an earlier post, I want to let you all know in a bit more detail about my time at InStyle.
I was there for 4 weeks and really had such a good time. It was the first ever magazine internship I did, so I wasn’t really too sure how things would work and what exactly I would be doing.
Before I started my first there however, I did get an email from the fashion team in wish they basically told me a little bit about what I need to look out for there and which names I really need to know whilst at InStyle.
I thought that was really helpful, but still didn’t make me any less nervous haha.

I was mainly in the fashion cupboard, which was next to all the desks of the fashion and beauty team. In the cupboard we had a desk with a computer, cause you literally have to look stuff up all the time. Like, which address to return the clothes to or people you had to call to get some clothes in for a shoot. Most of the time we were 4 interns there, which definitely was enough. Because the cupboard is not actually that big.
Apart from returning the clothes that have come back from a shoot, we also had to open all the parcels and hang up the clothes. And then there were just normal office jobs I had to do, such as answering all the phone calls, replying to any emails and helping out anyone that asked for it really.

It defiantly was a good experience and I am glad I had my first internship at InStyle, because everyone was so friendly and helpful! 
One of the most exciting things there was the beauty and fashion sale they did. And all interns were allowed to take as much beauty stuff as fits in one bag. This was honestly amazing, because I always think some beauty products are so expensive and so I was able to get quite a few things I wanted for ages. In some following posts I will definitely tell you all about the different products I got.

I have always wanted to get a bit more into beauty and put more effort into my skincare and make up… so I think this is the perfect opportunity to make a start on that. I will let you all know how it goes!

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Have a good weekend everyone! X