My Hair Products

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend so far and are enjoying your Sunday. Today my boyfriend is over and we are off for a long Sunday walk in a bit. So I thought, just before we set off I should write a little blog posts.

I decided to get a bit more into beauty, as I am always so impressed with the people who have the most beautiful hair and make up every day. For the past week I have tried to give my face and also my hair a good break from everything, which meant I was wearing no make up at all, just so it gets a nice break from all my products and can actually look healthy again without any help. I like to do this every now and again, especially when I had quite a stressful time, because it always shows on my skin first (which is very annoying)

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So for today I wanted to show you what products I use in my hair. At the moment I am letting my hair grow, which is why I want it to stay super healthy and in good condition.

So the first thing I always do in the morning is washing my hair. (I do wash my hair every single day, which can make it quite dry so I always give it a break at the weekend). To clean my hair I use AVEDA clove shampoo, which is a plant-based shampoo for brown and honey tones. This shampoo is the best smelling thing I have ever had! It smells very fresh and flowery and literally makes your hair feel so light and healthy. I didn’t actually buy this shampoo myself, but I got it from one of my friends who is a make up artist and knows so much about beauty. But you can buy this shampoo online, and probably quite cheap on eBay.

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After that I use conditioner, but not every single day. I try and use it twice a week to make sure my hair is protected and the ends don’t start splitting. I have two favorites I have been using for about 2 years now. The first one is Toni&Guy Nourish, conditioner for damaged hair. I actually bought this product in Boots and it lasts me a very long time. Again, this product smells amazing and makes my hair so shiny. The other one I use is from Lush and is called American Cream. It smells a bit like a strawberry vanilla milkshake and is preservative free! I actually got this one from Ollie for my birthday!

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My favorite volume mousse is from Lee Stafford, and its called double blow. This is the first mousse that I have used, which really isn’t sticky once you have blow-dried your hair. I have been using this for about a year now and also bought this at Boots.

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When I straighten or curl my hair (which does not haven’t often) I use Charles Worthington’s salon at home Pro-heat repair milk. You only need to use a little amount of this and just put it in once your hair is towel dry before you start drying and styling it. I actually got this when I worked at InStyle, but I am sure you can get it in Boots or online.

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To finish my look I love to use Show, finishing spray. This is such a great hairspray, which is so light in your hair but really makes sure your hair stays in place all day. I only used this a few times so far, because again, I got this when I was at InStyle.

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My last product is from L’occitane and its called Pivoine Flora. It’s basically a perfume for your hair and you spray it in just before you blow-dry your hair. I have only used this once so far, as I think it’s more for like a special occasion, but it really smells so great all day.

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So I hope you like this post, and let me know in a comment below what your favorite products are. I would love to know. Have a nice Sunday everyone!