First day at Stella

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Hi everyone,

Today was my fist day at Stella magazine. I’m with the fashion team for 2 weeks until I go back home to Germany for my summer holidays. It was a really nice first day, because I already felt like I knew what I was doing. I basically have to return the clothes that have come in from shoots again or all the clothes they decided not to use. At the moment some of the people from the team are on shoots so it can be quite quiet.
So, yes I had a great first day and looking forward to the time I am there. Hopefully I will be able to meet some great people and make good contacts. At the moment there isn’t much more to tell you guys, but I will defiantly keep you updated about what happens at Stella. There will also be a lot more of my beauty posts, so let me know what you think about everything.

Have a good day guys X