Bobbi Brown Make Up Experience

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Hi guys,

Today I had a really great day! And I hope you will find it interesting.

It was the second day for me at Stella and it was very quiet. Again, I did returns all day and had a nice lunch break with all the other lovely interns. Other than that, not much happened in the office… just one little thing I would like to point out here. If you are doing a fashion internship and you work in the cupboard, be prepared to sit on the floor all day and end the day with a massive backache.

So, and now to the amazing part of my day. For a while now I have wanted to properly get my make up done and have someone take me through all the steps. After work today then, I finally managed to get to Harrods. I had an appointment at the Bobbi Brown counter for a one on one session. I was so pleased with the outcome and my make up never looked this good. The girl who did my make up, Megan, explained every single thing to me. And also I did ask a lot of questions, because as you may know I really want to get more into beauty and want to know as much as possible. Megan explained all the brushes to me like why and how she uses each brush. The products really felt amazing on my skin and I will definitely have to get bit by bit now from Bobbi Brown.

Today I just wanted to tell you all about the overall experience there and then tomorrow I will explain step to step what products she used on my face and how she applied them. So let me know in a comment below what you all think. X

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