Bobbi Brown Products

Hello everyone,

So today I just wanted to take you through all the products that were used for my Bobbi Brown make up look, which I told you all about yesterday. I try and keep it short and just do a step-by-step post. I hope I still get it all right, because it was a lot of information to take in.


So to start with, my own make up was taken off with the Bobbi Brown soothing cleansing oil, which is made with a jasmine flower extract. You just put it on some cotton wool pats and it just melts your entire make up off.
After that, the Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream was applied all around my eye. Then the hydrating face cream followed, which acts like a primer and makes sure that your make up will actually stay on all day long.

The foundation that was used for me is called Skin Foundation with SPF15 and in the colour warm beige. This colour was used for me throughout all the products. Then the corrector was applied on all the areas that still needed some help, and for that the Face Touch Up Stick was used, again in warm beige. After that, the concealer was used under my eyes and its called the creamy concealer kit, which also includes a powder for a long lasting make up.

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To finish off the basis of my face the sheer finished pressed powder was used and on top of that the Shimmer Brick Compact Bronzer was used. Now the bronzer was not applied all over my face put only in areas that will give structure to my face, such as the cheekbones, above my eyebrows and on the chin.

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The blush that was used on my cheekbones is called Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in the colour Uber Beige.

The lip colour used for me is called Italian Rose, which I absolutely loved. It’s just such a nice colour and it really stayed on for quite a while on me. photo copy 11

For my eyes, the sand dune eye shadow was used. This was applied all over my face. Then for the lower lid velvet plum was applied and on the crease a product called bark was applied. The gel liner used on me is the long wear gel eyeliner in chocolate shimmer. And to finish the look the extreme party mascara was applied. For my eyebrows a mahogany colour was used as a powder.

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I hope you all like this little make up posts, and let me know in a comment what you all thought. Thanks X