My favourite Blogs and Channels

Hello everyone,

Like I promised yesterday I wanted to share with you all some of my favourite blogs and YouTube channels today. I might do another post later on today, where I just tell you what I did today, but I wanted to keep those two things separate. So, here are my absolute favourite blogs and channels…


Sprinkle Of Glitter. I have recently become obsessed with her; she is just so great and positive. She has both a blog and a YouTube channel, which I constantly follow. She mainly writes about beauty but also Vlogs about her day-to-day life and her life as a mother. It’s all really interesting, and I just love that she is such a happy person.

Zoella. She is also a blogger and a YouTuber and happens to be friends with Sprinkle of glitter. She talks about all sorts of stuff, such as Panic attacks, Beauty products or her general life.

Song of Style. This is a really great Fashion Blog from America. I love this blog because it has a lot of great styling inspiration for me on there but also shows a lot of interior design, which I find so interesting.

The Glamourai. This is also a fashion blog, where she takes pictures of her daily outfits but also writes about beauty, décor and general fashion trends.

Fashionjunkiie. This was the first fashion blog I ever followed just because I love her outfit posts so so much and I do still follow here nearly daily. It’s a really cool blog.

Fleur DeForce. This is another YouTube channel. She generally talks a lot about beauty and what new items she just bought. She also has a separate Vlog channel like most of the YouTubers do.

So guys, I hope that you find one of the blogs or channels as interesting as I do. Please let me know if you loved any in a comment below, I would love to know. Have a great Sunday everyone. X

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