Life Update

Hello everyone,

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Today I was working at Stella again. I only have three more days left now and then my summer holidays are starting. Well, Uni is actually already over but I decided to stay in London for a bit longer to do a few Magazine interns, as you know.

But yes, just three more days of returning clothes and then I am going to Bath to see Ollie for a few days, before I am off home to Germany. And there is a very exciting summer laying in from of me this year, so let me tell you a bit about it…
I always love going back home because I see my siblings and all my family again and my cute dog! But apart from that I also have a two-month internship coming up in Germany with an advertising company, which I am really looking forward to. This summer, as some of you might know, my boyfriend is actually going to Chile for a whole year. Yes, a whole year! I am very sad that he’s gonna be gone but I am also so excited because I’m going to visit him over there and we are going to be traveling around Chile a bit! So I will keep you all updated about all things around that and I will definitely blog about my time out there.


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But then also, one of my best friend’s is getting married this summer and I cant wait to go up North again and celebrate that day with her and all our best friends (there a quite a lot of us haha). So during the next few weeks I will definitely be doing a bit of wedding shopping so you guys can see what I will be wearing on this day!

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That’s all the updates from today. I will see you all again tomorrow. And don’t forget that you can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and basically anywhere else. Thanks so much for reading X

PS: That pink thing is the most amazing desert my friend brought me home today! I don’t even know what it is but its so yummy.

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