Mexican Night

Hello everyone,

Today I worked at Stella today and actually had quite a lot to do. Because the fashion team came back from a shoot and so I had to return all the clothes as quickly as possible.

photo copy 7

photo copy 4

Then, straight after work, I met my two friends from Uni again for some drinks and dinner. It’s always so nice to catch up, especially because Uni is now over and I don’t actually get to see them everyday anymore. So yes, we had a big catch up on all things that are happening. And we actually ate in the most amazing place near Victoria station. It’s called Loco Mexicano, and has such a nice atmosphere. Its was very busy though today, so we actually did not have so much time to just sit around and chat, which was a little annoying, but it still was a great evening.

photo copy 6

photo copy 5

And that’s all I really did today. I defiantly will blog about more fashion and beauty things soon again, its juts that I always get home so late at the moment that I don’t really have the time to take great pictures. Plus, my camera is already all the way over in Germany, so in about 2 weeks, when I’m back home, you will see a lot more good quality pictures than right now.

Not long till the weekend now guys, hope your all excited! X

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