Intern Update

Good evening everyone,

Haha, so formal today. So, my time at Stella is nearly over now and I have only left tomorrow to work. I am kind of glad it’s over soon, just because there wasn’t too much new stuff for me to learn, and also I am just very excited to get home for summer soon.
Today I Stella I had a few more returns to do and then I got to organize all the beauty and make-up products. I absolutely loved doing this. And my list of items I want to buy now is about five times as long. They honestly get so many great beauty products send to review, I had so much fun sorting through all of them and reading all the information about them.

photo copy 10

Then I had to steam a few clothes for a photo-shoot they are doing very soon, and the clothes were so pretty. I wanted all of the. Honestly.
And then after that I really didn’t do much… I had to pack for a long weekend away, because I am going to see my boyfriend for a bit. By now I think I am pretty good in packing for any trip or holiday, just because I travel so much. Either to see friends or my boyfriend, or I travel back home to Germany.

photo copy 9

And then I just had a relaxed evening so far, catching up with my best friends and watching YouTube videos.

Tomorrow I will write about my last day at Stella and during the weekend I will put up a blog post on what make-up products I always take with me when I travel. So I hope you will enjoy them.

photo copy 8

Thanks for reading, and have a great Friday tomorrow. X
PS. The nail colour is by Essie, but I will have to check if its already in shops yet, because I got it as a little present at InStyle.

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