How to be organised

Hi everyone,

Some of you might already know that I am an absolute organisation freak. Honestly, everything needs to be planned and organised and thought-trough.
At times it can get a little too much with my need to be organised but in general I think it‘s very helpful. Especially if you feel like you always forget some things such as appointments or little things you had to get done in time…


So I thought I do a blog post on how to be organised. Everyone has their own way to get things done, so this is just the way I personally do it. But I am happy if it helps some of you.

The first thing that’s very important to me is that I have like a year Planner/Diary. You can get them in any stationary shop really. I always make sure that I get one that is the right size for me and of which I like the design, because then I am more likely to actually use it. In that diary I put in any appointments I have got, trips I am doing, exam dates, deadlines or anything like that. I also put in things like what I have to get in town in a certain day, or a call I have to make. This is the most helpful thing in my life. Because every time I made a new appointment it goes straight in there and I won’t forget it. So I would really recommend to everyone to get one of them, and start writing everything in there.

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The second thing that is a little life-savor to me is a To-Do list. Now, this list is always inside my planner. I like to have it all on one place and always carry those two things in my handbag.

On the To-Do list I write things that I actually have to do. Such as booking flights, organizing a party, research certain things or an appointment I still have to make. One really important thing is that you don’t write too much on here. Don’t put things like: get up, dry hair, and get dresses on there. Trust me I used to do this and its just ridiculous haha. This list is really for the things that don’t have a certain date to it put you have to get them done in the near feature. And then I read through this list every day and try to get some things done so it can shrink a little before something else goes on there.

My tip. Keep the list and your diary as tidy as possible to make sure it’s all clear and you don’t over-see something. And check both things every day. Especially your diary. Always look ahead a few days as well for things that are coming up in the next week, which you might have forgotten about.

These are all the tips I have got for now. Let me know what you think, and if you liked this post let me know and I will do similar ones in the feature.
Have a great day everyone. Thanks for following and supporting this blog! X


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