Packing Up

Hi everyone,

photo copy 3

Today was a very busy day but I only did quite boring things. I took all day to pack up all my things into boxes and suitcases because I am going back home on Saturday. I actually always say that I have no clothes what so ever, but when I packed today I actually found that I have so much. Now, there are loads of things that I don’t actually wear at all anymore and don’t even like anymore. So I have split it into a few different piles…
One was for charity, one for the bin and then a big one of what comes back home with me. It was quite a satisfying feeling to give things away. And I am looking forward to Saturday evening, when I get back home and can unpack and organize all my things. I love organising my Makeup, shoes, clothes and books. Just everything really.

So sorry, there are like no pictures from today. I let you all know how it all goes tomorrow and then from Saturday I will be blogging from home.
See you all tomorrow. X


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