Top Ten Intern Tips

Hi guys,

So today was a very hectic day but I am now finally finished with all my packing. I have brought all my boxes to a storage place and my two suitcases to go home with me tomorrow are all packed and closed, ready for a summer in Germany.

I always love going home, especially when it’s not just for the weekend but for a few months. But then I really love spending my summer in England as well as most of my best friends live up North and its always so nice to see all of them. So this summer I will keep you posted about all my internship experiences that are coming up, the food I am going to cook, the sports I am going to do and especially about all the trips I am doing, what outfits and Makeup I am going to wear. I hope you will like it all.
I do have quite an eventful summer but most of it is work experience. And then I have some amazing plans for next summer when I graduate but I will let you know about that later on this summer, once flights have been booked and stuff…

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So for today, because I cant do a beauty review or anything cause its all in my big suitcase, I thought I make a little post about my top ten tips for interning.

  1. Wear appropriate clothes for the type of internship you are doing. If your not sure just research the company and the people that work there a bit
  2. Ask interesting questions while your there, so they remember you
  3. Read about the people you will be working with and know the work they have done in the past
  4. Just enjoy your time there
  5. Reflect on your experience and see if you really can imagine it as your future career
  6. Do something with friend’s after work, it will cheer you up when something went a bit wrong or you had a bad day
  7. Get enough sleep before work
  8. Be nice to all the other interns there, you will meet them again in the future
  9. Always smile at people and say ‘hello’
  10.  Ask every question once and then just remember how things are done

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That’s it guys, hope you likes it. Once I’m back home there will be much more beauty and fashion things again. Also, not long till I am available on YouTube now. X

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