Benefit Brightening Kit

Hello everyone,

Since yesterday evening I am back home in Germany. It took me a while to unpack all my things but it’s all very organised now. Especially all my beauty and makeup bits are well organised now, which means I will use a lot more of them from now on.
One thing I got in the last few days in London is the ‘Do the bright thing – Best and brightest total face makeup kit’ from Benefit.

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The kit includes a brightening face primer ‘That Gal’, a brightening face powder ‘Dandelion’, a mascara ‘They’re Real’, a luminescent complexion enhancer also called highlighter ‘High Beam’ and an extra black waterproof eye pencil ‘Badgal Liner Waterproof’. The kit also includes a small brush and a Tips&Tricks leaflet, which tells you how to use the products best on the face.
I really like this kit, because all the colours are very neutral and it makes the perfect starter kit. The products smell very fresh and flowery which is a big plus point.


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Because it is a kit everything is kept in very small bottles, but I think if I really like a products I would definitely go to the Benefit counter and buy the bigger bottles. So far I have tried out the highlighter and then face powder and I really like both of them so much. I would really recommend this kit to everyone who either uses the brand Benefit for the first time or if you don’t want to buy all the big bottles just yet. I will let you know once I tried the other things from this kit and tell you how it goes.

Have a great start to the week tomorrow. Thanks for reading. X

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