Summer Nails

Hello everyone,

I had such a long day today, which is why this post is only up now. At the moment I am working for my dad most of the day, to make a bit of money for all the trips I have planned. Then after work I went straight for a nice run outside and had lots to do after that as well.
I have decided that from now on, on a Wednesday, I will write a ‘healthy blog post’. This means I will basically tell you about the sports I did that week, the food I ate and things like this, but I will tell you about the reason for that and everything around it on Wednesday….

photo copy 3

photo copy 4

So last night I tried out this new and absolutely amazing Nails Inc. baby blue nail vanish. I have finally managed to let my nails grow, so I am going a bit crazy on the new summer colours atm. This colour is really great because I looks a little pastel but you really don’t need many coats at all to get a very strong colour from the nail vanish. This will definitely be a colour, which I will be using all through this summer. And the brush to apply the nail vanish, has just the right length to be able to cover the whole nail, so this is a big plus point too.

Let me know what you think about my new nail experiments. Hope you all had a great Monday. X

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