Dior Nail Care

Hi guys,

Sticking with the nail topic from yesterday, I wanted to tell you all about the Christian Dior Nail Cream. The ‘Créme Abricot’ is an amazing product, which you have to apply all over your nails but it mainly works on the skin to make it all soft and easy to pull back. I always think this is quite important because your nails will look much healthier and better looked after if its all done.


photo copy 5


photo copy 2

So this nail cream is really amazing for this. It’s best to apply it in the evening because its quite sticky and takes a while to sink into the skin. But if you leave it to work over the night, it really does the job.
This bottle contains 10 gram and costs about £40, which is quite expensive but it will last you for such a long time.

I will start tomorrow with my ‘healthy’ blog post. Hope you will all like it. X

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