Hello everyone,

So today is the first day of my ‘Healthy Blog Post’. I have wanted to start this for a while but never really knew how to do this so far. Let me start at the beginning… So in the past 2 years I have lost 15 kilos, which is quite a lot of weight. And I am still trying hard to loose the last 10 kilos now. So I thought this blog is the best way for me to tell you how I managed to loose that weight, and what I am doing at the moment to work off this last bit, so I can be all happy with my body again.

Today I am starting a new sport, its called Cross Fit. I wont go into all the detail to explain it, however I will put a Video below so if you are interested you can see the sort of things I will be doing.  So far all I really did was running a lot, I run outside and in the gym. Sometimes I use a few of the machines in the gym but not very much. Obviously I also had to change my way of eating as well, but I will write about this in later posts in much more detail.

So for now, I will be doing Cross Fit twice a week and today is my first day. It’s a very fast past workout and I am honestly quite scared because I have never really worked with weights before. But my brother has really gotten into this and so I want to give it a go as well and maybe it will help me to get to my perfect body. I will let you all know how it went next Wednesday on my #HealthyBlogPost2. Thanks for reading. X

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