Tanning routine

Hi guys,

I had the busiest past few days ever. As you may know I am working Monday to Saturday to save up money for the trips I have planned this and next year. And then straight after work I try and do as much sport as possible or meet up with friends. But now I have managed to get a few minutes of quiet and sit down to blog.

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Today I wanted to tell you all about the St.Tropez tanning products. In the summer I am always quite careful with the sun and put on a looottt of sun protector so I don’t burn, which also means I don’t tan as much as I could. So for times when I go out or want to look a bit more tanned I use St.Tropez tanning products. I haven’t tried out all of these yet, because some of them quite new. But I am so happy with this brand and don’t even thing I want to try out another one just yet. The Self Tan bronzing Mousse is so amazing to apply and it really leaved such a nice and natural tan. I have never had any orange outcomes or strange lines with this. But I do have to say I give myself a lot of time to fake-tan and prepare my skin a few days before. It’s very important that you exfoliate your skin and look after it beforehand already. For my face I use the special fake-tan so it really looks natural. I haven’t tried out the oil yet but hopefully soon, so I can let you guys all know how it works. You can buy the St.Tropez products in Boots and Superdrug.

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Have you ever tried any of these tanning products before or any other good brands?
Have a nice week everyone X

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