Hi everyone,

Since I had no time to write my second #HealthyBlogPost, because I got home so so late, I decided to write it today. I just got back from work and still need to do quite a lot of work for Uni, but I’m really enjoying summer so far, I hope you all are as well!

So for this second post I just wanted to let you all know what sport I have been doing. At the moment I do Cross Fit twice a week. On a Monday and on a Wednesday. And then on a Friday after work, I go for an hour long run. For now I am going to do sport three times a week and once my body gets more used to it again I can to it four times a week. Cross Fit is just amazing! It’s a really good workout to build some muscles, burn fat and just work on general fitness. All the people I work out with are really great and its so much fun because it really is much more like a team sport.  I will be doing this throughout the whole summer and I am already excited to see some great results by the end.

I will let you guys know how it goes, and will also write soon about some food tips.


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