Summer in Cologne

Hello everyone,

At the moment I am still busy with my internship and trying to get all the other work done I have to do over summer. Recently, i went to visit my friend in Cologne for a weekend which was really nice. We went to a massive park for a BBQ with some of her friends from Uni. It really felt like a festival there cause all the students seemed to be there at the same time. Then we went on a great night out and had lots of fun. So here are some pictures of that weekend. I am wearing a new blouse by ASOS, which I absolutely love at the moment. Especially because I can also wear it to work at my internship. The shorts are from Topshop.

photo copy 5

photo copy 6

photo copy 8

So, yes my summer is super busy with lots of work. I always want to get so many things done in my holidays but never seem to find enough time, so hopefully I get a bit more done at the weekend before I am heading back to London.

I also did quite a bit of shopping recently, and I will definitely do some blog posts on that soon:)

Have a great weekend everyone. X

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