A Perfect Sunday

Hi guys,

On a Sunday I usually love to do a beauty day and just do a lot of relaxing things, like reading a nice book or watching my favourite films. This Sunday I started my day with a really nice bath and really treated my hair to improve the condition, since I decided to let it grow. Then I did my nails. I love this colour from Illamasqua, which I got at my internship at InStyle.
Because a friend came over for a night of watching Desperate Housewives, i prepared some drinks and fruits as nibbles. I always love to make these things look really nice and put some candles on that are relaxing and romantic.
I really love Sundays cause you have so much time to do something for yourself and I think sometimes in life its really important to treat yourself and take time off from everything to find back to yourself. Especially when life is really busy and so many things are happening. I also think its important to feel good in your own skin whatever size you are, and thats actually quite easy if you just keep your body in good conditions with a nice bath, some moisturiser and good smelling skin and hair.
What do you guys love to do on a Sunday or a beauty day?

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I hope you all had a great start to the week. And thanks so much for reading my blog! You can also follow me on my Facebook and any other Social Network Channels really. X

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