New Shoe Love

Hello everyone and happy Saturday,

Last weekend I went shopping and bought so so nice clothes, bags and shoes! I decided to not make one long post with all of them. i just want to show you all one by one what I bought. One of my absolute favourite things I bought is this pair of cobalt blue heels, with some golden details. I cant wait to wear it on a night out or a nice dinner. Let me know what you think about them:) i bought them in the Zara sale, so maybe you will be able to find another pair of them.

photo copy 5

photo copy

Its not long now until I finish my internship here in Germany and then I am back off to London for my final year at University. I am sure that some of you, who are reading this now, are in the same situation. I am really excited but also nervous for my final year. We have a great project at Uni but I am sure I’m going to be super busy all the time. I will definitely let you all know how this is all going then.

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