A New Clutch Bag

Hey everyone,

And happy Friday – even if it is Friday the 13th!
I recently went into town and thought before I head back to Uni I should see if I can find some nice new things for autumn. And so I did. Today I just want to show you one of my new bags. Its black and white and I bought it at h&m in Germany. I really like this size bag at the moment, because it it just big enough to put all important things in and still looks small and pretty.
This weekend I have a lot of packing to do, since I am flying back to London on Monday, which I am really excited for but nervous at the same time since its my last final month at University. I am not sure if I have mentioned it on my Blog before, but once I finish Uni I have some great things planned… I am going on some great holidays with my friends and I will be travelling through New Zealand with one of my best friends. After that I will be moving back to Germany and hopefully start a business degree over here. So thats all my plans for the future so far.

photo copy 9

photo copy 10

Enjoy your weekend and see you soon.

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