Casual Outfit for Bricklane

Hi guys,
Yesterday I went to see Bricklane in London with one of my  friends. And to all of you who haven’t been yet: You just have to go! Sunday was the perfect day to visit this place because it was still nice and busy but not full of tourists. All the galleries where opened and the market has some amazing vintage shops, where I will definitely have to go back to. You can just get everything there, and also if any of you have a blog or just enjoy taking pictures – Bricklane is the best place for this. My friend took some pictures of my Outfit and Make up, so I hope you will like that. And if you want to see more about all the crazy things on Bricklane, just head over to my Facebook or Instagram, where I download pictures all the time from things around me. The link will be underneath the Outfit pictures.
Enjoy the start of your week X
















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