Hello everyone,

I had a few very busy weeks so let me tell you quickly about it…
When I got back to London I found a new place to move into so had a big house move to sort out. Now everything is sorted and looks really like home (pictures will be on the blog later this week). Then I started a new job and most importantly my last year at Uni, which has been very stressful so far already.

And on top of all that I have decided I want to try I the ‘Complete 90 Day Challenge’. It was put together by a Blogger/YouTuber, which a friend recommended to me. And I instantly fell in love with the videos and recipes on there, so I decided to try out the Challenge and see what difference 3 Month can make. You can all head to her Website and see yourself what its all about. Basically you eat really healthy and clean for 90 days straight and at the same time you work out between 5 and 6 times a week. Today I have just finished my first week and I am really happy with everything. Here are just some pictures to show you what the meals look like and here is a link to the actual website. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks for reading. X

photo copy


photo copy 3

photo copy 2

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