Hi guys,

A few weeks ago I bought this beautiful Vice 2 Eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay. And now, that my University work has been getting a little less stressful, I actually had time to try some of the colours out. The palette is really great as it contains 20 different colours, which means you can basically do any make up look you want to. From a really black and dark smokey eye, to a really natural every day look or even try out some more colours which you were to afraid to use so far. Because my eyes are a dark brown, it luckily means I can pretty much use any colour, so I will definely be using these blues and greens in there from now on.

My favourite colours so far are Dope: a very light and subtle pink. Good for an everyday fresh look. I just apply this all over the eyelid and add some black liner and mascara. Done
Smokeout: A deep purple, which I love to use at the moment for my smokey eye to mix it up a little with my more natural brown shades.
Damaged: This is a deep dark green, and so far the first really colour I have used on my eyelids.
All colours are really pigmented, which means you really don’t have to use much at all to get a nice colour on your eyes.
Another plus of this is definitely the massive mirror, which I find much more helpful then those tiny ones you usually get with you eyeshadows. Also amazing: the brush that come with it, as it is an actual brush and not one of those weird application tools you always get.
So all in all I am so happy I bought this. And I will definely be trying more colours out from now on.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. Although this time I can’t wait for it to be over, since its my 21st Birthday next week. I am so excited about it and will definitely let you all know about what I am doing, wearing and where I am going out.

Lots of Love
G x

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