Hey everyone,

Since it is my 21st Birthday soon, I have decided to go on a 10 day detox, so I can feel all good about myself. And so far I am loving it. I try and stick to a clean diet anyway, so no bread, rice, pasta, potato (only sweet potato), very little dairy products and I only have a YOLO meal once a week. The website that I go on for new ideas and motivation is Blogilates. But for the past few days I have also drunk much less alcohol (I would recommend to drink non when you are on a detox, but since I celebrated the end of my dissertation that was a bit hard). I have been drinking a lot of green tea and water with fresh lemon, to get rid of everything bad in my body. And of course, doing some exercise is always great, if you are on a detox or not. Now, I have couple more days left of detox, but I already feel much better. It gives you more energy and a nicer glow. Here are just some of the meals I have been eating.
For breakfast I usually eat my fruits such as apple, mango or kiwi with some whole grain porridge, soja milk or low fat greek yoghurt. I love to add Chia seeds to my meals, as they are full of great Omega-3 fats and a healthy source of fibre.
Lunch usually consists of chicken, with no skin and some green veggies. You can mix this up nicely so you don’t get bored of what you eat.
Dinner is almost always a fresh salad, sometimes I add some chicken here as well but not everyday. You can also add tuna or eggs for some extra protein.
Its really important during a detox and healthy diet to drink plenty of water, since this is the key to getting rid of all the bad stuff in your body and helps you when you want to loose some weight.

Have a lovely Sunday people.
Lots of Love
G x

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