Hi guys,

Not long now its nearly Friday, which means its the weekend soon:)! Which also means, its my 21st Birthday tomorrow and I am just absolutely excited about it. I have so many plans and celebrations and so many great things, which I will be telling you all about next week!

I wanted to do another little beauty post for you all. Its the products I use at the moment for the ‘base’, so the first and most important things I apply to my face. This step is really important, because you want you base and foundation to be the best and smoothest possible so that the rest of your make up will look fresh and clean all day long. I have recently started using a new foundation, since I read so many amazing reviews about it. Its the Wake me up Rimmel Radiant Glow Foundation. And the shade I use at the minute is 103 True Ivory. This is a really great foundation, because it does give you this juicy look and glow to the skin. The only thing, which I don’t like so much about it that it actually feels like you have put on makeup when you feel your skin. On an everyday base I use barely any foundation, and rather build it up that put loads on at once but it still feels a little sticky on my face. however, it is a good foundation and really covers your skin nicely. And I usually find that once I have added some powder on top to set the foundation its all good. Then I use the Rimmel  Wake me Up Concealer for any blemishes i might have on my face. One step I find really important is the Lid Primer, because it makes your eyeshadow stay on so much longer. I use the Smashbox Photo Finish one, which is really nice and creamy when you apply it.

Hope this helps you, in case you are still looking for a new and better foundation.

Lots of Love
G x

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