Green Times

Hi everyone,

I have recently really gotten into the hype of green juices and smoothies. They are super healthy and super good for you.  Especially now, where the Spring is approaching fast, I like to prepare my body for the nicer weather that will be coming soon. So for the past week, I have started my day with a new breakfast: the green smoothy. I just make it at home every morning after my run, and before I head into Uni. It really fills you up and keeps you going until your lunch break, and you can actually make it taste delicious.
The things I usually throw in are: Kale, Cucumber, Mint, Coconut Water, Celery and some Apples. You can also add some Bananas or Mango to make it a bit more fruity.

Have a great week you all.
Lots of Love
G.  x

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