Benefit Brightening Kit

Hello everyone, Since yesterday evening I am back home in Germany. It took me a while to unpack all my things but it’s all very organised now. Especially all my beauty and makeup… Continue reading

Top Ten Intern Tips

Hi guys, So today was a very hectic day but I am now finally finished with all my packing. I have brought all my boxes to a storage place and my two suitcases… Continue reading

Packing Up

Hi everyone, Today was a very busy day but I only did quite boring things. I took all day to pack up all my things into boxes and suitcases because I am going… Continue reading

How to be organised

Hi everyone, Some of you might already know that I am an absolute organisation freak. Honestly, everything needs to be planned and organised and thought-trough. At times it can get a little too… Continue reading

YSL Nail Vanish

Hi guys, I just got back from a long weekend at my boyfriends. I didn’t really blog in the last 2 days, just because I haven’t really done anything interesting to write about.… Continue reading


Hi guys, So today was a very relaxed Saturday. I am with Oliver this weekend, and since he has still exams going on and I have already finished Uni for this year, we… Continue reading

Last Day At Stella

Hi everyone, Today was my last day at Stella. And I do have to say I am quite happy the two weeks are over now. I did have a good time and it… Continue reading

Intern Update

Good evening everyone, Haha, so formal today. So, my time at Stella is nearly over now and I have only left tomorrow to work. I am kind of glad it’s over soon, just… Continue reading

Mexican Night

Hello everyone, Today I worked at Stella today and actually had quite a lot to do. Because the fashion team came back from a shoot and so I had to return all the… Continue reading

Life Update

Hello everyone, Today I was working at Stella again. I only have three more days left now and then my summer holidays are starting. Well, Uni is actually already over but I decided… Continue reading